King Charles III


Hello my name is OiOi and I wrote this for you ! 




King Charles III 


 Tuesday 20th September 2022 


Dear King Charles III You are the Best King and I know you have been through a lot.  But always know that we are here for you. I know you will be A great King. We are so sorry for your loss, but we will always be by your side. I just want to say Goodluck  for being our new King. Some people say that being a King is hard work But It’s not because you can beat the Hardness. I’m so happy that you’re our New King and because it’s your turn to shine. You’ve made it so far and I’m so proud of you. Your Mum will be very happy for you because She knows that you will be a great King . We Love you heaps, have a great time being King. May I Respect you. I know that you will have a great time !



Yours sincerely, 


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