A time you were Surprised!

On a fine evening, I came out of a fresh shower to see a shocking surprise. I have never seen such a Ginormous spider! It was climbing up my walls, Growing higher and higher making it difficult for me to catch. I didn’t bare looking at it any longer as I turned my back and got changed.


 After changing I came downstairs to my Lounge where my family was, They were all relaxing as the sun went down. I asked my Mum to come to my room to catch a spider! But when we returned the spider was gone. I was scared that it was hiding somewhere, such as the pile of clothes or underneath my bed? I brushed it off and decided to go over to the kitchen to make me some food.


 As I was making my food I heard the wind swish outside as it was calming and relaxing. A few hours passed as I relaxed in the Lounge , I forgot about the spider as I was concentrating on watching my movie.  I started to get sleepy , As I walked back into my room. 


I started to get ready to go to sleep as I spotted a cobweb in the corner. Thinking it was just a small little spider , Meanwhile the spider was watching my every move from afar. He was hiding in the pile of clothes , so I decided to go on my phone as I turned to my side noticing something.


It was large and had tons of eyes. I stared at it blankly as I didn’t know what to do. It crawled out of its hiding spot as it crawled closer to me, making me scream in fear. My Mum rushed in to see a spider on the floor , She grabbed my bowl from my food earlier and caught it! But the thing was….How do we get it out?


My Mum didn’t wanna slip a paper underneath and hold it. But there was no other way to get it out of my room. She was shocked but mainly surprised by how big the spider was. What could it possibly be?

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