200 Word Challenge!

 Once Upon a time, several men travelled to Antarctica just to do one thing. Reaching the south pole, we gathered a lot of supplies thinking the limit of being in Antarctica would be at least 5 months but No we were wrong. We sailed across the rough sea until we finally reached Antarctica! there was a slightly big crack in the ice so they tried sailing with the boat inside of it. But everything went terribly wrong, they were trapped and couldn’t get past the ice. As we started to run low on supplies, everyday they dug and scraped off the ice. Until they had an idea to use a boat and just paddle to safety, meaning we had to drag the boats and then start to paddle to land. We all cheered as we saw land thinking we were all gonna die, but luckily we survived! We rushed back home as our family gave us a warm welcome. And guess what? We didn’t stay for 5 months, we stayed for 17 months. We didn’t give up but we kept moving trying our best to work our way to safety. And we finally made it back home safe and sound.

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