Year: 2023

200 Word Challenge!

 Once Upon a time, several men travelled to Antarctica just to do one thing. Reaching the south pole, we gathered a lot of supplies thinking the limit of being in Antarctica would be at least 5 months but No we were wrong. We sailed across the rough sea until we finally reached Antarctica! there was a slightly big crack in the ice so they tried sailing with the boat inside of it. But everything went terribly wrong, they were trapped and couldn’t get past the ice. As we started to run low on supplies, everyday they dug and scraped off the ice. Until they had an idea to use a boat and just paddle to safety, meaning we had to drag the boats and then start to paddle to land. We all cheered as we saw land thinking we were all gonna die, but luckily we survived! We rushed back home as our family gave us a warm welcome. And guess what? We didn’t stay for 5 months, we stayed for 17 months. We didn’t give up but we kept moving trying our best to work our way to safety. And we finally made it back home safe and sound.

200 Word Challenge! (Rock Climbing)

Today me and my friend diamond went rock climbing! We had an amazing time. We were Jammed in traffic so we were running a bit late. We planned to get there early in the morning but that didn’t happen. We arrived right about 10 o’clock and we set up. My friend was gonna take photos of me climbing to save it as memories! As I began to climb I was hoping that we’d make it to the top, we were only halfway up the mountain and I was already exhausted. But Diamond encouraged me to keep going so I did, it took me a while to finish but I managed. We took some Awesome photos of Me and the Mountain. I’d love to go rock climbing with her again as it was enjoyable. After that we sat down at the top of the mountain chilling and looking at the beautiful view! We ate an egg sandwich that we packed and some fruits to keep us energised. We went back down and headed back to our house. She decided to sleep over at mine since her house was far away and we were so exhausted. We cleaned  ourselves and decided to watch a movie. We were watching Everest based off people climbing Mount Everest.

Recount Writing! 200 Words only.

The best food I’ve tasted is Pasta, I can’t remember eating something as good as Pasta. It had a very good sauce on it, I don’t know what that’s called. It had a lot of melted cheese on top along with chives and the side meal was fries. I ate it fast because it was delicious, the cheese carried the whole meal and the fries. I felt excited to try pasta for the first time, when I took a bite I loved it and finished the whole bowl off. My second favourite is any kind of Tongan food, especially a drink called Otai. It’s mixed with fruits and coconut milk. My nana makes hers with mango,coconut, and another fruit and it tastes appealing. I think I’d have it with pasta but it sounds like a weird combo because it’s something cheesy with a fruit drink. My first Otai i’ve tasted was one of my nana’s one, It was very enjoyable. It’s a Tongan traditional drink, you can make this at home and it’s really simple to make. One thing I’d love to try is tteokbokki. What is tteokbokki? It’s a rice cake and tastes very delicious. It goes very well with any kind of spicy sauce.

What’s the best food you’ve ever tasted?

Recount Writing!

This morning Point England school had assembly. The teachers have created a movie and some did a play. I think my favourite one was the year 7 and 8 one. They did a song, it included roasts,funny pick up lines. The school theme for this term is called make it work. Meaning we have to use technology and try create things.

Team ones movie was very clever, it was about a dog who keeps escaping her pent. The owner rung some people to build her a proper fence, but only a little one since her dog was still a puppy. They planned on what kind of fence they need including a it of tools and effort. Team one’s move was first then it went up and up all the way to team 5.

Team 5 had a different one compared to everyone else’s. They did a song but everyone else either did a movie or a play. But I enjoyed watching all of them, its a good start for the first day. Everyone laughed and was enjoying the movies that the teachers have made!

It was only the first day of school. That’s why our assembly was long. I felt excited to see my friends but most of all mad because we have homework and now we have to wake up early. My reaction when I saw my friends was happy and relieved they came to school. All I really came to school for was to see my friends and is the only reason why I come school.

I really enjoyed watching the movies that the teachers have made for us but most of all had fun on the first day of school. Our movie was how can we build things? what kind of things can we build? Everybody got put into a group of 4 or 5 working on a project. We did that on the first day and it was so tiring, for the first time I was excited to go home after we did our project.